Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Nessie Regina

Well, we are getting near to the end of this series of posts which are intended to share material linked to my article in this month's Fortean Times (the Crypto Kid Investigates). Here is the novelty certificate mentioned which 'proves' ahem that I saw Nessie. As the article tries to point out - I guess no one really 'sees' the creature:- they either mis-observe the chimera of various other phenomena (did I coin that phrase? Don't even know any more) or they deliberately fake.

Today I am feeling cynical...today I feel that if a plesiosaur rose out of Loch Ness and bit me in the ass (to paraphrase Matt Hooper) - I'd probably just say, "Hmmm, nice animatronics! Where's the film crew...?"

The question remains...what did George Spicer and his wife see cross the road and dive into the loch? It is the genesis of the modern myth that requires the most explaining still. They had little to gain and risked widespread exposure to ridicule. Which is a nasty thing. I think if I ever did see anything beyond the normal mode of human experience (whatever it was) I'd keep it to myself. And so probably should you.


  1. Did Nessie stamp your certificate herself? Do you think she had to stomp her fin on a giant ink pad first before she gave it her seal of approval?

  2. Hi Marnie Elizabeth (or the only person reading this blog as you are known sometimes called around here!), I'm guessing Nessie made special trips to the Inverness gift store to stamp this - so yeah. I also like her curly girly signature! The ancient Nessie memorabilia from this blog and the article was found by me in an old suitcase where it had been for most of the last thirty years. And it is kinda cool to be able to share it with a wider audience (that's you plus the 26,000 readers of Fortean Times Magazine). Either kinda cool or I'm selling my childhood like a hooker sells her body - you be the judge.

  3. The suitcase adds to the appeal! Maybe I missed the post about suitcase. I could put a link to your blog on my blog so maybe my TWO other people reading my blog will check you out. But I understand if you don't want to be associated with the likes of me!

  4. The suitcase was a secret until now! I'd be grateful for a link - your blog is getting popular. I'd reach a bigger audience by shouting out of the window!
    My artist buddy Enrique just started blogging and he has 41 followers already (that's seguidores in Spanish!)http://quiquealcatena.blogspot.com/