Wednesday 26 August 2009

Nessie Photo Query

CP Dean has a letter in this month's Fortean Times querying the captions on the Daily Mirror cover which accompanied my article in FT 250. He's quite right that they appear to be incorrect. I'll look into this further but the second from left is the famous 'surgeon' photo taken in 1934. The two right hand side photos are notorious Frank Searle fakes - so beneath the contempt of Steuart Campbell in his definitive and scholarly work "The Loch Ness Monster The Evidence" that he doesn't bother to reproduce them, But he does say: "No doubt frustrated by N's (Nessie's) non-appearance he resorted to photographing models and logs....later he began to photograph pieces of a brontosaurus stuck on a water background." I suspect these right hand side pictures are earlier than the attributed dates (1975 anf 1976) and will look into this further.

I have no idea about the extreme left hand pic - dated 1964. Suggestions anyone?