Sunday, 4 September 2011

Luke Starkiller...I mean Skywalker...

I guess it is something of an open secret that Jack Kirby influenced George Lucas...Doctor Doom is like Darth Vader yadda yadda etc. But I've also had an inkling that the Kenneth Robeson Doc Savage stories were also an influence - "Phantom Menace" could almost be Doc Savage book title. Sorting through a pile of old comics I was reminded today of this when I saw the cover to Justice Inc. #2. Well, there aren't many places outside the context of Star Wars where you can see the words Sky and Walker in such close proximity. If I'm ever stuck in an elevator with George Lucas I'll be able to ask him if Justice Inc was his favourite Kirby comic. If memory serves, Luke's name was changed to be Skywalker and the last minute from Starkiller (which hardly rolls off the tongue but is quite Kirbyesque).

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