Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fleeting Encounters with the Rich and Famous - (or hey, hey - he's a Monkee)

The Metro Newspaper ran a story this week about how in the 1980's Micky Dolenz lived in Nottinghamshire at a place called Winthorpe Hall near Newark. Looking back, it all seems a little unlikely, but yes he did indeed live in Nottinghamshire and I used to see him quite a lot. Newark was the nearest town to where I grew up and the venue for my parents weekly shop. So it was, that me, or practically anybody could run into Micky in the Iceland frozen food store...I recall him as unshaven (well it was a Saturday) and generally wearing khaki shorts. I also don't recall anyone seeming to recognize him...more on that later... or hassle him for an autograph or anything. If he wanted anonymity he's found the perfect environment. Nobody in Newark was expecting to see a guy off TV so nobody did. I recognized him, of course, but as a shy kid I'd never have spoken to him. Had I had some fit of courage and tried too I expect my parents would've shouted me back. I didn't think of him as an actor more as a musician but I guess I could've in some alternate world told him I was interested in becoming an actor (true at the time) and he could've directed me to the workshop for child actors at the Central TV Studios (where he worked) and by now I'd be Dr Who..but nah, didn't happen. Was never going to either. The last time I saw him I was probably in my late teens. My parents were buying me the final stereo of my teenage years; it even had a remote control - and Micky was there. Right there in Curry's/Dixons in Newark playing a synth. Still no one recognized him. I didn't even know that he played keyboards...wasn't he the drummer?

Later, my Dad (who worked as a construction contracts manager) was working at the Central TV Studios. He was on a break in the cafeteria. He carried his tray to a nearby table and sat down next to someone he vaguely recognized...well he ought to know his face after all those near misses in the Iceland store..."So how's it going? Are you working on the studio extension?" Nope, didn't recognize 'im.

Micky, a fellow shopper from 1980's Newark salutes you.

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