Tuesday 18 January 2011

The Day we met K-9

Maybe this post should be called my wife versus John Leeson! Last August we all went to the Fleet Air Arm Museum for their Dr Who day (like a mini-convention). The guest of honour was John Leeson who played (indeed still plays) K-9 in Dr Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures. John was charging for autographs and I don't begrudge him that - I happily handed over the moolah - but just out of shot in this picture is a gal who played one of the Weeping Angels (i.e. a non-speaking part in costume in a recent show) and she too was charging. I didn't like to break it to her that she's no more famous than I am. Anyways, this picture was taken at the exact moment my wife asked John Leeson if he ever got fed being nice to people all day. "What an extraordinary question!" is what he is mouthing in this pic.

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