Thursday 10 September 2009

Purple Bullfinch

I'm not much of a gardener - but if I don't garden just a little the whole place turns into a jungle. I'm even less of a birdspotter. But a coupla years back I did see a massive purple bullfinch in my garden - not just a little mauve on the wing - but all over dairy milk chocolate foil purple. Big, beautiful, large as life and totally impossible. For there's no such animal. Of course, nobody believed me and I got a little flavour of what it must be like to see the sasquatch and have no one believe you. A few days later I solved the ornithological mystery of what I'd seen and how I'd come to see it...have a think about it...let me know and I'll reveal all tomorrow if I get chance.


  1. Hmm.. were you wearing sunglasses or coloured lenses? One year I thought my husband had bought some lovely coloured christmas tree lights. I asked him where he got the lovely mauve bulbs from only to have him point out that I was wearing my prescription sunglasses... I felt like a right burk!

  2. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! As they say in Vegas. Yes, that's quite correct. Same glasses as in the pic to the right. Future questions will have to be more difficult. All the best, M